Windows that are cracked—especially insulated, double-pane windows- will lose their energy efficiency, raising your energy bills and causing condensation to form between the glass panes, ultimately weakening the structure of your window.

Whether you have a minor chip or crack, you should get your windows repaired or replaced by a certified professional as soon as possible.


Distorted or broken panes

A Bad

A milky appearance to the glass


Condensation forming between the panes

Over the last two decades, IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) have become the standard window option for new construction, but many homes in America were built in the 1980s.  Homes built before or during in the 1980s are more likely to have single pane windows or IGUs that have aged past their usefulness. If your windows aren’t energy efficient, your HVAC system makes up the difference at your expense.

Windows account for up to 50% of residential heat loss. It’s critical if your windows are in disrepair to seek a solution.