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Please let us help you educate yourself about the TRUTH. All aspects of our glass technology, windows, doors, glass and the materials used in their construction are IMPORTANT things you should ask and get answers too!

U Values – What do they mean? LOWER THE BETTER
Air Infiltration – What is it? LESS IS BEST
Glass – What type of Low-e? How many panes? 16 COATS 3 PCS. 1/8”
Spacers – What is it made of? NON CONDUCTING FOAM
Gas – What is the difference in Air, Argon & Krypton? KRYPTON 5 TIMES
Warranty – How long is it and what does it cover? LIFETIME ALL PARTS

All these add up to the ability of windows and doors to really perform, protect and give you comfort.

You need to know what you’re getting for your hard earned money. When you get all the facts you’ll see we offer the MOST REAL VALUE WITH OUR GLASS TECHNOLOGY!

Our Glass Technology

Triple Pane

With the quickly escalating energy costs over the last couple of years, it is proven that triple pane glass is almost a necessity.The American Dream Glass technology system is designed to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That’s because our Glass combines ultra-low emissivity with the optimal balance of shading and solar heat gain. In short, American Dream Glass detects and stops your valuable heat from escaping in cold winter weather and prevents it from entering during summers hottest days. We fill our insulated glass units with heavier-than-air inert (rare/Nobel) gas Krypton Gas which is about 400% denser than air. This density offers more resistance to the transfer of heat and cold. The result is increased energy efficiency and decreased utility expenses.

Krypton Enhanced

Rare Gasses enhance the performance of window conduction and convection. Krypton is a better thermal insulator than air or Argon because it’s 3 times less conductive. Krypton’s high density reduces convection effects, which further improves thermal insulation performance. Krypton is also a better sound insulator, with a 100% higher efficiency than Argon. Krypton is the most efficient in a 1/4” space so two air spaces filled with krypton is better than one.  Krypton is non toxic, colorless, non-sensitive to UV, non-flammable.


There are two types of Low-E  glass in the marketplace today.


The hard (pyrolytic) coat Low E  manufacturing process or coating is applied by fusing a metal oxide(usually tin) to hot glass during the manufacturing process. It is very low tech and very low cost. The fact that no special  handling  or training is required, is a testament to the toughness of the coating. The majority of windows made in America today that use low e, use this type of inexpensive Low e coating. This  product can be recognized by the bronze , green, blue, or tan hue.


The Soft coat (High performance) Low E is a sputter coating process used to manufacture our glass. We deposit eight (8) separate metallic layers onto each piece of glass. These include two silver Low emissivity conductive layers; three zinc anti-reflective layers ;two barrier hardener layers and a titanium protective overcoat. This gives us by far the most Energy efficient glass made today. Dramatically increases efficiency and performance, transparent with a neutral appearance inside and out, giving a clearer view.

Our Glass Technology

Sound Control

In addition to the excellent noise absorbing qualities of our multi-chambered vinyl frames and  foam insulation, our insulating glass, and heavier-than-air inert gas filling, further reduce the transfer of sound. In fact, American Dream Super Glass windows can reduce the level of exterior noise up to 400% better than single pane windows.  Our Super Spacer system improves sound absorption 18% over traditional metal spacers. The No-metal American Dream Spacer is a huge help in keeping decibels down.

Our Glass Technology

Reduced Condensation

With American Dream Glass, your windows stay warmer to the touch…so the comfort level of your home is increased. Closely related to this increased comfort is the fact that window condensation is virtually eliminated. In short, you’ll be able to maintain higher levels of interior humidity –a variable that increases your level of comfort and reduces your utility bills.

Our Glass Technology

Healthier Family

Condensation on glass running down onto wood and metal/vinyl windows can lead to more than bacteria and molds. It can increase the likelihood of fungi, viruses and mites that cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. Not all condensation is evident on glass. Placement of HVAC registers cause some mold spores to become air borne.

Our Glass Technology

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