Why American Dream Windows & Doors – Home by Home we are Lowering Energy Bills and Moving others toward Energy Independence.

  • We believe people are paying too much for their Energy Costs!
  • Windows and Doors account for up to 70% of a homes heating/cooling cost.
  • We understand that by creating a tighter building envelope you will be addressing a major issue related to your energy use and cost.
  • We recognize the true value of Windows and Doors. It is pleasing to be able to see outside and have the natural light fill our homes. But this is not as enjoyable with the high priced heating/cooling bill that comes with your Windows and Doors!
  • This is where American Dream comes in with a solution. We see a need Windows and Doors without the outrageous heating/cooling bill every month.
  • Which is why we are offering the most energy efficient Windows and Doors in America.
  • With our exclusive glass technology, your Windows and Doors will perform the way you would expect them to perform.
  • In addition to everything, we also guarantee the lowest price! If there are┬ácheaper windows & doors than ours, we will match it plus 10%!!

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