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Standard Features:

  • Triple Pane Glass – 3 panes of glass
  • Low-E – 2 panes coated with Soft coat Low-E, Total 16
    • Triple Pane Glass – 3 panes of glass
    • Low-E –  2 panes coated with eight Soft coat Low-E
    • Krypton Gas – 2 spaces filled with krypton gas
    • Worlds only 100% Graphite Foam Glass Spacer
    • Double Bonded & Flex-Seal Glazing System
    • Solid Vinyl in White, Tan or Custom Colors
    • Fusion-Welded Frame and Sash Corners
    • Foam filled frame and sash
    • Multi-Point locking system
    • Exclusive Operator
    • Rust Proof Hardware
    • Water and Air Tight seal on frame
    • Full Fiber glass screen
    • Limited Lifetime Contract
  • Grids
  • Natural Wood Grain
  • Obscured Glass
  • Ornamental Glass
  • Factory Mulled
  • Bronze Exterior

All American Dream Triple Pane Bay & Bow Windows are custom made to fit your new or existing home within our minimum’s and maximum’s shown below.

Awnings Frame Minimum Maximum
Width 18 3/4″ 51 1/4″
Height 14 1/4″ 36″

Maximum total unit UI is 88 UI (windows can not exceed this UI)

Architectural Specifications

Note: All windows are made exact on the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and whole inch.

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2014 Price List

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