When it comes to saving energy thanks to better home insulation, a triple pane window is among the very best choices. The point is to stop all that heat from transferring to the outside straight through the windows, and a triple pane window can do just that.

Triple paned (also known as triple glazed) windows are of course heavier and more expensive than double paned windows, as you might expect. But a window with three panes is an investment rather than a purchase.

This is the choice for the homeowner who wants to make excellent long term savings to energy costs. And so can accept that the initial price of the window will not be made up in heating bill reductions for quite a few years.

The Lowest Of U-factors

Remember that three panes of glass, means six surfaces of windowpane. This in turn means more surfaces for low-e coatings that can keep the thermal energy produced indoors where it belongs – and not heating up the air outside your home!

There are also insulation benefits to triple glass windows because of the two internal fill spaces rather than just one as in double paned. These spaces are filled with air, argon or sometimes krypton and work to stop heat transfer, as well as cutting down on noise.

A window is only as effective as its frame allows it to be however. So be sure to check yours is being made by a quality manufacturer who provides full information about U values and other NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label standards.

Source: www.Replacement-Windows-n-Shutters.com