Doors not only beautify our homes, Energy Efficient Doors that areproperly installed also save us Energy and Money!

When looking for replacement doors, make sure they are energy efficientor can support a draft dodger. There are a lot of different options out there to choose from. Some are energy efficient and some are not. Here are some tips on what to look for when you’re shopping for Energy Efficient Doors.

Choose an Energy Efficient Material

Three very common energy efficient materials are wood, steel and fiberglass. Wood itself is an excellent insulation. Steel and fiberglass doors have an insulating foam material inside making them Energy Efficient.

Wood Doors are beautiful but are susceptible to weather damage and are fairly expensive.

Steel Doors are strong, affordable and resist warping.

Fiberglass Doors are more expensive than steel, less expensive than wood and are resistant to warping, denting and rusting.

Proper Installation Is A Must

Once you’ve got the right Energy Efficient Door for your home, it’s very important to have it installed properly. You’ll want to have a good seal so air doesn’t leak in and out. When that happens, energy is being wasted which could increase your energy bill. It’s not a bad idea to check all your door and window seals periodically.

Door Sweeps

Draft Dodger

are used to seal the gap between the door and the threshold or door sill. Attached to the bottom of the door, they offer increased energy efficiency by blocking air from passing through. They also keep out debris and little critters that might wonder into your home. Door Sweeps come in a variety of colors and materials including vinyl and aluminum and are very easy to install. Be aware that aluminum conducts heat and cold.

Photo of a patio door.Choose Energy Efficient Glass

If you are buying a patio door or others types of doors that have glass in them, you want the glass to be as Energy Efficient as the door. Here’s what to look for:


R Value
The R Value tells you how resistant to heat the glass is. The higher the R value, the more resistant the glass.

U value
The U value tells you how much heat passes through the glass. A lower U value means less heat gets through.

Low Emissivity or Low E Coating
A Low E coating limits the amount of heat that passes through the glass. The lower the rating, the better the insulation.

Note: low E coatings do not prevent your drapes and furniture from fading.

Summary: for maximum energy efficiency, you’re looking for a high
R Value, a low U Value and a Low E Coating.

Double Paned Glass
The double panes offer better insulation than single panes.

Triple Paned Glass
Three panes of glass offers superior insulation to  double and single pane.

Gas Filled Panes
Some Triple pane windows are krypton or argon filled to add more insulating ability.

Foam core fiberglass doors provide the best insulation and durability!
In addition to triple paned glass, gas enhancements and low e coatings…now that’s an energy efficient door!!



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