110% Guarantee

All Patio Doors come with Triple Pane Glass.

Available in Fiber Glass or Steel. Choice of hardware finish.

Triple Pane Patio Doors



Standard Features:

  • Triple Pane Glass – 3 panes of glass
  • Low-E – 2 panes coated with eight Soft coat Low-E, Total 16
  • Krypton Gas – 2 spaces filled with krypton gas
  • Worlds only 100% Graphite Foam Glass Spacer
  • Thresholds are able to expand and/or adjust
  • Ball bearing hinges, color of choice
  • Polymer composed core frame
  • Grids

All American Dream Windows Triple Pane Patio Doors are custom made to fit your new or existing home within our minimum’s and maximum’s shown below.

Awnings Frame Minimum Maximum
Width 15″ 34″
Height 14 1/4″ 74 1/2″

Maximum total unit UI is 99 UI (windows can not exceed this UI)

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